2018 Histology Highlights

As we ring in the new year, NSH is taking a look back at the highlights of 2018. Here are some of the most popular topics from across the histology community!

Most Popular Workshop From S/C 2018:

NSH’s Annual Symposium/Convention features over 100 workshops, so its hard to pick a favorite, but the workshop with the most registrants was…”Immunohistochemistry: A One Day Crash Course to Understand what is Happening”.

This workshop, presented by James Watson, HT (ASCP) and Beatrice DeBrosse-Serra, HT(ASCP),QIHC, gave an overview of the IHC staining process, from what happens to the tissue before staining, through what is happening in each step of the procedure, what the variables are in each step, and how to get consistent staining.

You can join us this year for S/C 2019 in New Orleans, LA for even more great workshops.

Most Downloaded NSH Resource:

NSH’s member platform, The Block, includes an extensive resource library containing checklists, guidelines, SOPs and more, available to download 24/7. 2018’s most downloaded resource was NSH’s CAP Crosswalk, an excel sheet pairing CAP checklist requirements with NSH resources that can help your lap prepare for and pass, CAP inspection.

Most Read Article From Under the Microscope:

“Researchers are worried that a brain illness known as 'zombie deer' disease may start infecting humans”. – January 22nd

Since we have made it to 2019, its probably safe to say the zombie apocalypse didn’t start, but this article from Business Insider, was the most read article of 2018 in NSH’s weekly science digest, Under the Microscope. Click here to subscribe to UTM.

Most Read Article From the Journal of Histotechnology:

“A combination Prussian blue – hematoxylin and eosin staining technique for identification of iron and other histological features”

This article by Katelyn Rowatt, Rachel Burns, Salvatore Frasca Jr., Denise Long, from JOH Volume 41, Issue 1, was the most viewed online JOH article of 2018. The article shares research findings on a study comparing the authors’ new Prussian blue/H&E combination (PB/H&E) stain with routine H&E and routine PB/NFR. You can read the article online, here.

Most viewed Fixation on Histology post:

“A Handy Explanation of Masson’s Trichrome Stain”

Christina George shared with Fixation on Histology the explanation behind her fascinating hand shaped stain that she submitted to the 2018 Art of the Stain contest. 2019’s Art of the Stain Contest will open in February so start thinking about your own unique stain you could submit!

Top 3 Discussion Threads on The Block

NSH’s member community, The Block, features an Open Forum, where members can post questions to discuss with fellow members. Here are 2018’s most popular conversations:

1. Cleaning of Embedding Molds: What is the best way to clean embedding molds? Should they even be cleaned, or should you use disposable molds?

2. Histotechnician Exam: Members share tips for passing the HT exam.

3. Cross Contamination: What studies already exist on cross contamination and do they need to be updated? Members discuss a future research topic.

Thank you for sharing 2018 with NSH. There is a lot more to look forward to in 2019 so stay tuned!

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