A Free Glossary of Words

By: Gayle Callis, JOH Editor in Chief

This is something new which will be of interest for histotechs. Dr. John Kiernan, an Associate Editor for the Journal of Histotechnology, has provided links to a freely accessible online glossary of words, phrases and eponyms used in histotechnology, histochemistry and immunostaining. This glossary is published by the Biological Stain Commission (BSC) and includes approximately 600 entries revised and uploaded on 19th January 2019.

Notable features are extensive crosslinks between the entries, and explanations of terminology related to chemical and physical mechanisms involved in the methods. There are also definitions and explanations relating to all the stains (dyes) certified by the BSC.

The BSC glossary is readable on screens of all sizes (including mobile phones), and navigation among links is extremely rapid.

Check it out directly at


Alternatively, see it in the broader context of the BSC:


Dr. Kiernan is well known in the field of histotechnology, a longtime BSC member and currently the secretary for BSC Executive Committee. NSH has a long-standing interest and relationship with a representative to the BSC. The BSC provides an invaluable service by certifying dyes used daily in histology laboratories along with their journal, Biotechnics and Histochemistry (formerly Stain Technology) Journal.

Gayle M. Callis

Editor in Chief

Journal of Histotechnology

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