An IHC Forum Attendee's "Inside Scoop" on St. Louis

By Kelly Auer, PBT, HT (ASCP)

In September, hundreds of histologists will gather in St. Louis, MO, to attend NSH's Annual Symposium/Convention, a five-day event, jam packed with education, networking, and of course, site seeing.

The S/C is not the only event hosted in Missouri this year, however. This past month, NSH's Immunohistochemistry Forum, hosted at MilliporeSigma in St. Louis, provided attendees with a small taste of what they can expect from the Convention this September. Attendee, Kelly Auer, shares with us her experience attending the hands-on training sessions, and gives us the inside scoop, on the best restaurants in town!

Travel Log: Wednesday 5/9/18

My co-worker, Dawn Shaffer and myself arrive in St. Louis, Missouri, from York, Pennsylvania. We enjoyed an awesome flight of about 80 empty seats. What a pleasant flight! We were excited to visit the mid-west. Like any good scientist, we had done some research as to where we should visit and where to eat. Our first night in St. Louis was spent at Syberg’s on Market. This place did not lack in portions. We were starving after our long day and ordered way too much food!

Travel Log: Thursday 5/10/18

When we arrived at MilliporeSigma we were immediately impressed with the facility. The architecture and the nicely appointed interior spaces were quite impressive. The vibrant colors and natural light could only evoke a positive, productive and welcoming environment. We were excited to be there!

The speakers throughout the two days were Dr. Richard Cartun, MS, PhD, Traci DeGeer BS, HT, HTL (ASCP) QIHC, and Brent Heller. Their knowledge in the field of Immunohistochemistry was a valuable asset. Each speaker spoke with knowledge and spark, as they engaged the audience. The topics included selection of antibodies, pre-analytics, pre-treatment, detection, double-stains, troubleshooting, multiplexing and a wet lab workshop. It was exciting to participate in a wet workshop and to work with peers from the industry. We performed a dual assay, by hand, which was a first time for many of us.

The information was presented in power-point form, yet still very personal. There was always time for questions and many took full advantage to ask and share their personal experiences. After a full day of lectures, we decided venture to a local area called the “The Loop”. Our research had shed some light on a place called Fitz’s, which is known for their famous root beer floats. (Pictured Above). They had to split one into two glasses for us! It did not disappoint.

Travel Log: Friday 5/11/18

The second day was spent with more lectures and finishing up our wet lab. Unfortunately, we had to catch an early flight and missed the end of the last lecture. The IHC Forum was well organized, from the delicious meals to the programming. I feel the selection of venue was also a very positive experience. The folks at MilliporeSigma were awesome hosts! We were even treated to a tour of the facility. I would highly recommend that fellow techs take advantage of future NSH events like this one. It was clearly a special treat to have so much knowledge gathered for our benefit.

While we did not get to visit the famous “Arch”, we did drive by on the way to the airport for a few photos. Overall, the trip was very informative and enjoyable. I must mention that one of the highlights of the trip happened on the plane ride home. We sat with Dr. Richard Cartun and talked immunohistochemistry!

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