An International Perspective at the Symposium/Convention

By: Meredith Williams, Jamaica

Prior to the 2018 Symposium/Convention, Long Beach in 2002 was my last NSH S/C. That’s a lot of years passed. I was determined that St. Louis would not be another “missed” Convention, and it was not! Arriving late Friday night because of aircraft issues and subsequent delays, my 2018 S/C experience began on Saturday afternoon with registration. That was the beginning of “good things to come”! Warm, friendly welcome, smooth registration exercise, relevant instructions, and pertinent information, served to prepare me for the experience ahead. I had signed up for Workshop Ambassador duties, and information was gleaned with respect to those duties. Saturday evening brought the gala event, the Awards Ceremony, and that was as I had remembered it 16 years prior, a marvelous occasion. Of course there was the dancing afterwards.

Sunday was the reminder that we are here on business! The lecture on Artificial Intelligence was astounding, and then there was the presenter who had lost his voice and was just recovering, who utilized a computer software to primarily verbally present his lecture, interjecting at points to make highlights. This made me wonder about the possibility of using such a software in the classroom. Hmmm. I had my first Ambassador duty that afternoon; welcoming the attendees, verifying workshop tickets, interacting with the presenters, particularly Dr. William Grizzle, whose JOH paper on “Silver Staining” I have utilized in the classroom. Of course the moments had to be captured on camera which was right on hand.

Career Day on Monday was another good experience, interacting with the teenagers who were eager to know about what we do. On this occasion I had as my partner a fellow Jamaican, Joyce Sterling. Monday afternoon brought the International Attendees together for a meeting with the NSH President and her team, and this was a very informative time together. Later that evening, the Roche event; a feast and a motivational talk by a 50 year old female breast cancer survivor and Iron Man Competition participant. Tremendous! Not having a “paparazzi” present, the Roche rep was happy when I requested permission to take photos and thanked me for the offer. I subsequently sent the photos to him (with no costs attached). Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from them re: receiving pics or any feedback. Hmmm.

Tuesday /Wednesday continued with workshops, 2nd Ambassador duty, exhibitions, interacting with exhibitors, collecting samples and “goodies”, S/C vendors prizes and giveaways. Some participants left very happy indeed.

Thursday, and it’s time to head home, already planning to be in New Orleans come next year.

Are you still trying to decide whether or not to go to New Orleans? Well, I’ve already registered, paid my plane fare and made my hotel reservation because I don’t want to miss it, and neither should you! Let’s meet in New Orleans!

Visit https://www.histoconvention.org/register_info.cfm to register for the 2019 Symposium/Convention!

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