Ask the Tech Dude

In a recent episode of NSH’s podcast, HistoHelp, NSH featured Matt Mincer, CEO of Tech One Biomedical, who is quickly earning himself a reputation as the go-to guy for equipment fixing advice. He routinely provides equipment troubleshooting demonstrations in his video series, on topics ranging from cleaning cryostat condenser coils, to repairing a sticky cassette clamp.

This year, Matt will be bringing his equipment repair know-how to Fixation on Histology, with a series of posts answering your “tech dude” questions.

Ask the Tech Dude

By: Matt Mincer, CEO & Founder, Tech One Biomedical

It's not often anyone wants to admit they don't know something that they think they're supposed to. Especially in their area of expertise. But there's no way you can know all things about all equipment in our industry.

Luckily, I work with about 20 other smart repair service techs who I can turn to with questions when I'm in the field and find myself in a bind.

Who do you turn to?

Well, that's exactly why we started this "Ask the tech dude" column (with the kind support and blessing of the folks at Fixation on Histology, of course!) And, we hope we become one of your trusted resources going forward.

In each column, we'll answer two to five questions you pose to us about your equipment repair challenges. Hopefully, we can all elevate our knowledge, skills and understanding of this fast-evolving field via our shared curiosity and desire for mastery over machine.

So, start sending me your questions. PLEASE BE SURE to start your subject with: "Ask the tech dude: (then the rest of your message)."

We can't promise we'll have the space to answer all of your questions, but we'll do our best. And, if you don't see an answer in the next column after you've sent me your question, you may see it in a future one.

Thanks again, and as the most interesting repair service expert in my building, I say, "Stay curious, my friends."


Matt Mincer

CEO & Founder, Tech One Biomedical



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