Creating Your Superhero Team (Part One)

By: Janet Reeves-Wilson

Let me introduce myself. My name is Janet Reeves-Wilson and I am a transformational team coach. My mission is to create community in the workplace and histology laboratories are my area of passion. I know that there are a lot of laboratories that are functioning as great teams, but there are some out there that are not. There are always areas to improve upon and unfortunately all it takes is one person to completely change the dynamic of a team and the work environment.

How many of us have been in this situation; you are working with a group of people that you enjoy working with; the work is getting done, you are meeting your turn around times, and taking care of the CAP required functions in the lab. A new person is hired, (another tech, supervisor/lead tech or manager), and at first everything is going along as usual, then suddenly the new hire starts to morph into someone that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to perform your best work. They may have a difficult personality, have a silo mentality, dodge work, don’t complete their assignments etc. I’m sure you get the picture. Now you may be wondering what happened, and suddenly your lab is not such a great place to work anymore.

"I had this situation happen at the lab I worked in many times over the 26 years that I worked there and I always thought that it was so unfortunate that one person could change the climate of a work place and wondered if there was a way to avoid this situation."

Well histo friends, there is a way to greatly minimize or avoid this kind of occurrence. This is one of the reasons I changed my career and I decided to become a professionally trained business coach; to help laboratories define, clarify, and create their “superhero” or cohesive laboratory teams. My definition of a “superhero” laboratory team is one that trusts each other enough to be authentic, not be afraid of, or avoid conflict, have a team mission and code of conduct, and uses their strengths for the good of the team and the patients they serve.

One of the ways in which to create a cohesive team, (I will be using superhero and cohesive team interchangeably), is to know more about each individual person.

"In my work with teams, I use behavioral assessments to determine what behavioral style or styles each member of the team has."

This information tells me a lot. It informs me of what their communication style is, whether they are people or task oriented, whether they readily show their emotions or hide them, and what strengths they bring to the team. It also tells me how they show up when they are frustrated, and feeling dis-empowered. It also gives examples of behaviors they can display when they are feeling underappreciated, or not appreciated at all.

This is the first article of a 3 part series on “Creating Your Superhero Team”. In part two, I will discuss in more detail the behavioral styles, how to perform a quick visual assessment to determine a style and the gifts that style brings to the team!

Janet Reeves-Wilson HT(ASCP)HTL

Divine Metamorphosis Coaching


Chicago, Ill. 60616


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