Happy Histo-Valentine's Day

Histology is a profession full of love; love for our patients and love for our jobs. We encounter hearts all around us, from actual heart tissue to heart shapes popping up in our stains and water baths.

Watch our histo-heart slideshow!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, histotechs share why they love histology!

“Histotechs are the unsung heroes and some of the most professional, bright, creative and caring people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”- Pam Barker, Histology Recruiter, Relia Solutions

“I love Histology because for me it connects art to science to medicine.”- Monty Hyten, Retired, NSH PR Committee Chair

“The best thing I have found about working in histology is that you are doing something that is so important for the patient. Giving the pathologists the tools they need to make a diagnosis is an extremely satisfying and rewarding experience.”- Laura Slack (Read Laura’s blog post about how she got into histology!)

“I love histotechnology because this field allows me to intermingle my arts and crafts side with my scientific side. The best of both worlds!”- Linda McDonald, Histology Manager, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

“I love Histology because it’s my family and every year I look forward to my family reunion {NSH}”- Lisa Jackson, Retired

“I love histology because it is a collaborative profession where we provide the tools that create a path to best treatment options.”- Christie Gowan, Mohs Technician

“I love histology because i have the opportunity to help others, because it is an art, because it is the profession that no one really knows about. It has a great purpose and great people doing great work.”- Christine Scott, Specialist in Dermatology

Share your histo-love today on NSH"s Histology Professionals Facebook Page and NSH's member community, The Block.

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