Happy Histology Professionals Day!

Today we celebrate Histotechnology Professionals Day, a day dedicated to honoring the unsung heroes of the lab; our histotechnologists, working behind the scenes to save lives…one slide at a time.

HPD was launched in 2010 by NSH to raise awareness about the histology profession and educate other health professionals, the community, and aspiring students about the important role histologists play. Since then, it has grown to an event celebrated by techs around the world and has been recognized by several states here in the U.S as an officially recognized day.

For example, LaVinia Ray, in 2017, was able to get a proclamation from the governor of Alabama recognizing March 10th as Histotechnology Professionals Day. Visit the NSH website for resources to help recognize HPD in your community.

Over the years we have celebrated HPD with various activities, including free webinars, t-shirt sales, and contests. One contest that has stuck for the past few years is the Art of the Stain Contest. Drawing on the artistic side of this science profession, the Art of the Stain Contest asks histologists to submit a stain image that they find contest worthy, whether it be something beautiful, something funny, or just something unique (like the hand shaped stain submitted last year that got so much attention it warranted its own blog post!).

NSH members can vote for this year’s winner of the Art of the Stain Contest on The Block today, to see what stain will join these previous years' winners in the HPD stain hall of fame. Vote Now!

(Voting closes 3PM EST) Don't forget to also share your lab's HPD celebration's on NSH's Histology Professionals Facebook page! Happy HPD!

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