Happy Lab Week!

This week was National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, commonly known as Lab Week. COVID-19 has put a damper on celebrations to say the least, but it has also drawn more attention than usual to laboratory workers, who are on the front lines of this crisis. For many histologists, the shut-down has severely decreased their lab’s workload due to the cancellation of non-emergency procedures. This has led to techs being furloughed, having their pay cut, and others being let go all together. If you are in that situation, histology recruiter Pam Barker offers some valuable advice, as well as links to unemployment resources, in last week’s blog post.

Despite the circumstances, there were still plenty of Lab Week celebrations to brighten spirits. ASCLS once again hosted their Virtual Run. Participants ran (or biked) the 5K this week from their local neighborhoods while safely social distancing. NSH is celebrating with our Art of the Stain Contest. The stains have been submitted and members are now voting on their favorite. The winner will be announced today, Friday, April 24th at 4PM Eastern. You can expect a post on the winning stain coming up next week! Members also have the opportunity to earn 2 free CEUs by completing a histology crossword puzzle and histology word search.

Meanwhile, many labs took it upon themselves to get creative in their Lab Week parties, which generated great posts like these on social media.

Lab Week is even on Tik Tok now, with laboratory professionals participating in dance trends and showing off their lab’s celebrations. (If you don’t know what Tik Tok is, ask someone born after the year 2000, not a millennial, we’re just here to be ironic and because we’re quarantined bored!).

But seriously, Happy Lab Week to all laboratory professionals, whether you’re in the lab or stuck at home. There’s still time to post your photos! Make sure to use #labweek, #lab4life, and #histology, and tag us @ns4histotech.

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