Happy Laboratory Professionals Week!

This week histotechnologists have been celebrating National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, better known as Lab Week, a celebration of the important role that all medical professionals, including histotechs, play in patient diagnosis.

Lab Week is a joint effort, sponsored by 17 laboratory medicine organizations, including NSH, ASCP, and CAP, to name a few. We have been seeing the fun photos from these organizations’ celebrations on our histology professionals Facebook page all week, so we decided to compile some of them into a video for you to catch the highlights! Check it out!

NSH’s celebration of Lab Week this year, was our “How I Got Into Histology Contest”, where we asked our members to submit the story of how they stumbled into the amazing histology profession (because lets be honest, everyone seems to stumble into it!).

We had tons of interesting submissions from histotechs of all ages and backgrounds. You can read the stories on our website and cast your vote for your favorite story! The winner will receive a free NSH membership and have their story featured in NSH In Action. We will be featuring the stories on Fixation on Histology as well, throughout the coming month, so stay tuned!

Happy Lab Week!

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