Histology Lends a Helping Hand

“The opportunity to expose these young teenagers to the field of Histology, that they likely don’t know existed, has been an overwhelming joy that I look forward to yearly”, says NSH member Christina White. Christina has been volunteering at the career days of inner city schools in New Jersey for the past five years, introducing the students there to STEM fields, particularly her chosen career field, histology. This past year, Christina applied for, and received NSH’s Newcomer Helping Hand Award, which provides funds for outreach projects related to histology. She is using the funds from the award to enhance the career day program at these schools, and has even started to write a histology curriculum for them.

“As I kept going to career day every year, I noticed how interested the kids were in the field of histology. Probably 99% of them had never heard of histology before this. I started having a conversation with one of the principals at one of the high schools and he had gotten positive reports back from the kids saying that they were really interested… I started doing research to see if there were any high school programs. I really didn’t find anything, so from that point on I started writing out my program.”

Since receiving the award, Christina has continued work on her high school histology program, which she hopes she will be able to implement at the schools she has worked in, in Newark and East Orange, New Jersey. Listen to NSH’s full interview with Christina, on our podcast channel, HistoTalks.

Conducting the podcast interview with Christina was the 2015 winner of the Newcomer Helping Hand Award, Beth Cox. During the interview, Beth briefly touches on her use of the scholarship, which funded her work with victims of sex trafficking in Nicaragua. The 2016 winner of this award, Chad McMahan, also used his scholarship to help in Nicaragua, teaching histology techniques in the local hospitals.

If you have a histology helping hand project you would like to get funding for, visit the NSH website to apply for the 2018 Newcomer Helping Hand Award. The deadline for applications is June 1st.

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