Histology Remembers: Cheryl Crowder

By: Dixie Benoit, LA Histology Society State President

Some women give so much to this amazing profession. One of these remarkable women was Cheryl Crowder. Cheryl was a founding member of the louisiana Society of Histotechnology. She felt we should all share whatever we knew. For the LSHshe served as board member for many years, gave workshops when needed and always sat at registration. She was a member of the NSH.She gave workshops on special stains and microwave techniques. She helped with credentialing, registration and anything else that needed doing. She served as a judge for the Scientific Posters for the Convention and Symposium for many years. She wrote many papers, even a couple of manuals (all of which she kept, along with notes from techs saying thank you. These were found after her death). She was the 2001 NSH Histotechnologist of the Year.

Originally from Delaware, Cheryl went to college in Fort Worth, Texas, married, had two sons and got divorced. She left Texas and went to Baton Rouge to LSU. Somewhere along the way, Cheryl also became a cyto tech. She worked at the Vet School. She loved her job and knew where everything was, always helping to locate things for her coworkers. She retired from LSU but had lab space there where she produced slides for her consulting business.

Cheryl loved working at the LSUbook barn. She made many friends there.

The first time I met Cheryl was at a lSH meeting in New Orleans. I sat next to her at lunch. She was so full of life and joy. She talked me about her dream of being a traveling tech. She loved to travel and see new places and do new things. loved Disney world (especially "It's a Small World").

Cheryl was a borne teacher. While in high school, she taught Home Ec.She sewed beautifully, made most of her own clothes. She was a great cook, loved to eat and would try anything! High energy and a great metabolism kept her tiny.

She also had a green thumb, loved flowers and had a garden. She was brave and would drive anywhere. She drove to St louis by herself for the NSH meeting there. Actually, she brought all our stuff (give-aways) for our Louisiana booth.

I was unable to go the NSH meeting in New Orleans and she picked up some stuff and brought the bag of goodies to me in the hospital. She was really tired herself but did that for me. Her battle with ovarian cancer was fought with knowledge and courage. She never complained and only said she was tired. I will never forget my friend. She was your friend, too. Always with a big beautiful smile! Her childhood pictures caught that smile along with a twinkle in her eye. That's how I always see Cheryl-smiling and twinkling!

Thank you, Cheryl for all you have given all of us.

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