Histology Remembers Sylvia Casey

By: Lisa Jackson

The field of histotechnology is now mourning the passing of Sylvia Jackson Casey. She was born, educated and lived her early life in St. Louis, Mo.

After beginning her career in the field of histology at Washington University Medical School and working in local histology labs, she relocated to Minnesota with her family and worked at the Mayo Clinic until she retired. Sylvia was also a valued sales person for Lab Storage System a histology supply company located in St Louis, Mo.

She has always supported and was very instrumental in helping to promote the field of histology by becoming a founding and charter member of the St. Louis Society of Histology that later became the Missouri Society of Histotechnology. She was also a founding and charter member of the National Society of Histotechnology and helped organize and was a founding member of the Rochester Histology Association and served as President for many years. Sylvia was also a Region V Director. Her passion and dedication to the profession was evident because she only missed one NSH Symposium/Convention when her only daughter, Sandy became gravely ill and passed. She never missed an NSH Symposium/Convention after.

Sylvia was an astute learner and earned a Bachelors and two Masters Degrees. In recent years she spoke of returning to school to complete her PhD. When asked why go back to school at her age, she replied ‘Because I Can …’

Sylvia was a mentor, lecturer, advisor and friend. Anyone who was privileged to hear her lecture on safety or other topics was inspired. She was indeed a legend in her own right.


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