How to Remove Paraffin From Clothing

Paraffin wax was originally developed in the mid 1800’s as a cleaner burning and more reliable candle. In histology, paraffin is used as an embedding agent, however the wax is used commonly in crayons, surfboard waxes, candles; it is even used in forensic investigations to test for nitrate.

With the prevalence of paraffin, it is no surprise that the question of how to remove it from surfaces, including clothing, floors, etc, has come up.

Histologists who work with paraffin on a regular basis have likely encountered the problem of paraffin on their clothing. If this happens to you, let it dry, put a paper towel over the paraffin and iron on low heat over the paper towel. The wax will melt and stick to the paper towel. You can then wash like normal!

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