JOH Special Issue Submission Deadline Extended

Due the COVID-19 pandemic, the submission deadline for the Special Issue on Methods of Validating Histochemistry, Immunohistochemistry, In-situ Hybridization and Multiplexing has been extended to September 1, 2020. We understand that the histopathology community has faced significant challenges as result of the pandemic. This special issue is an excellent opportunity to provide the readership with detailed approaches to validating not only traditional methods but also emerging technologies (immunofluorescent and chromogenic multiplexing, mixed multiplexing, multispectral imaging and NanoString). There have been several retractions from other high profile journals during the pandemic raising questions about scientific reproducibility and transparency. The Editorial Board would like to provide as much opportunity as possible for individuals to submit a manuscript in order to help address the issues of validation and reproducibility in histopathology. The call for manuscripts follows:

In this era of molecular-based medicine, optimization and validation of histological assays is vital for insuring assay reproducibility. The biomedical research community is constantly introducing new antibodies and probes in order to detect and identify target molecules in cells and tissues with the goal of elucidating the biology and seeking out therapeutic targets. Many of these targets are low expression molecules that either require high sensitivity detection systems or are used as companion diagnostics to determine differential expression. Despite the wide spread use of these histological modalities in both research and diagnostic practice, no widespread universally accepted standardization guidelines have been developed and assays remain susceptible to multiple intrinsic and extrinsic factors that decrease reproducibility. Extrinsic elements include common pre- and post-analytical factors. Intrinsic variability is attributed to antibody selection, insufficient assay optimization and poor quality control.

In this special issue, JOH is seeking manuscripts that demonstrate approaches, methods, and procedures for optimizing, characterizing and validating histochemical, immunohistochemical, in-situ, multiplexing and mixed multiplexing techniques for manual and high throughput automated assays. A particular emphasis will be placed on manuscripts using proposed guidelines of method validation [1]. Strategies include genetic (knockouts, knockdowns or RNA interference), orthogonal (proteomic), independent antibody (two antibodies with no overlapping epitopes) or tagged protein expression. Animal models and clinical specimens will fit the scope of this special issue. Authors are invited to submit original research articles, reviews, technical notes and/or case studies on this important topic.

1. Uhlen M, Bandrowski A, Carr S, et al. A proposal for validation of antibodies. Nat Methods. 2016; 13:823-827.

Please visit The Journal of Histotechnology publishing website for additional information including Instructions for Authors, Author and Editing Services. Manuscripts are submitted online using The Journal of Histotechnology Editorial Manager site. Please read the Guide for Editorial Manager Authors for details about the submission process. We look forward to your submissions.

Luis Chiriboga, Ph.D Yongfu Wang, Ph.D

Guest Editor Associate Editor

Editorial Board, NSH Region 1 Director E-mail: yow@stowers.org

Email: chiril01@nyu.edu JOH@nsh.org


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