Does Your Leadership Style Inspire Your Team?

By: Janet Reeves Wilson

Welcome to "Creating Your Superhero Team Part 3-Does Your Leadership Style Inspire Your Team to Be Superheroes?"! If you have not read the first two parts you can read them here:

Part 1: Creating Your Superhero Team

Part 2: DISC Behavioral Types

Now that we have discussed the DISC behaviors, how to identify them and what effect each type has on the team. We will now take a look at the role leadership plays in supporting or creating a superhero team.

The inspiration for part 3 of this blog series comes from an unlikely place, a television show I saw on Saturday. The show is entitled “Mind Your Business” on the Oprah Winfrey Network

This show is about a multi-million-dollar hair care brand owned by Mahisha Dellinger. During the course of the show she advised, coached and doled out tough love to a small business owner and her team on the fine art of strong but mindful leadership. Ms. Dellinger also demonstrated how strong leadership, or a lack thereof has a direct effect on the success of the team.

Whether it is a small business or a histology laboratory, the principles of leading a cohesive or “superhero” team are the same.

These 7 leadership principles stood out as being vital to showing up as a great leader of a Teflon® coated “Superhero” Team.

1. You are a leader-OWN IT-when you are in a leadership position official or unofficial take ownership of the role. However, keep in mind being a leader isn’t about telling people what to do. It is about leading from the heart.

2. Trust is the foundation upon which a great team is built-trust is built by being authentic and vulnerable. Be real with your team!

3. You have to be a positive example for your team-walk the talk. Model the behavior you want to see. Be congruent, let your words match your deeds.

4. Put people in roles that match their talents-this cannot be emphasized enough. Too often people are put in roles that are not a good fit for their skill set. If you have a team member that likes to take ownership of the log sheets, and they are good at it let them! (they are probably a high “C” style)

5. Part of being a leader is listening to your team-people are more engaged when they are seen, heard and appreciated for who they are and what they bring to the team. High engagement makes the whole team more productive-translation meeting your turnaround times consistently!

6. If you avoid conflict and problems, they only get bigger. It also undermines your team’s confidence in you as a leader. Conflict is uncomfortable and unavoidable. One way to make it less so is to write a team charter and in it include rules for handling conflict. Everyone’s participation and input will increase engagement.

7. Ask for help-Together Everyone Achieves More is what teamwork is all about. If you need assistance, reach out for help-coaches, consultants, HR departments, and your colleagues. These are resources at your disposal. People like to help and are willing to do so.

Stay tuned for another post soon, providing additional tips for being your best in the workplace, and how to create a positive workplace climate.

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Note: The DISC assessment is not a personality assessment. It is a behavioral assessment. The MBTI is a personality test. The difference being that DISC behaviors are observable by visual, vocal and verbal cues.

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