Learning Snippet: Equipment Validation

Symposium/Convention presenter, Jeremy Johnston, gives us a sneak peak of his workshop, Workshop #84- Equipment Validation- Clinical & GLP. Jeremy shares with interviewer, Kathy Dwyer, the most surprising elements of equipment validation, and the importance of approaching equipment validation and verification with a positive, unbiased, mindset.

Check out Jeremy’s podcast!

Interested in learning more about equipment validation? Sign up for Jeremy’s workshop at the Symposium/Convention. The workshop will discuss the role and purpose of equipment validations and the rationale and place for a revalidation versus simply doing the routine maintenance and calibrations. You will receive several practical forms and SOPs to help guide you in this process from labs around the world. The workshop will also discuss the role of the vendor in validating new equipment, and offer practical applications for instilling confidence in the equipment you use on a day-to-day basis.

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