Listen to NSH's New Podcast Series, AwardsCast

Awards Committee Chair, Liz Chlipala, interviews winners of last year's awards and scholarships

From a histology lab in Nepal, to the inner city schools of New Jersey, NSH's new podcast series, AwardsCast, takes you behind the scenes, to get a glimpse of the many different ways NSH's 2017 scholarship winners are using their funds to make a difference.

“I never in my wildest dreams, dreamt of having an opportunity like this. The flight alone over to Nepal is pretty costly so the scholarship is not only making it possible for me to have this experience, but really is going to help some people who are the hardest working, most resourceful people that have just got some serious challenges”- Debbie Wood, Recipient of the Lee Luna Foreign Travel Scholarship


1. Newcomer Helping Hand Scholarship: Christina White shares her plans for creating a histology mentorship program in NJ inner city schools.

2. Scholarships for Continuing Education: Julie Trejo discusses how she has used her scholarship to pursue a master's degree at Fontbonne University, where she plans to start her own histology program post graduation.

3. Scholarships for New Members: Allison Carrion discusses the way she has gotten involved in NSH over the past year and how she plans to use her scholarship to attend several continuing education classes.

4. Lee Luna Foreign Travel Scholarship: Debbie Wood shares her plans to start a histology lab at a leprosy hospital in Nepal.

5. Tips for a winning application: Awards Chair, Liz Chlipala, concludes the AwardsCast series with some insider tips for submitting a winning application.

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