Member Spotlight: Linda McDonald

In this month's member spotlight, we interview Linda McDonald, S/C Poster Judge, and Chair of the new Ethics Review Task Force.

NSH: Tell us a little bit about yourself

Linda: Hello! Linda McDonald here. I have been a histotechnician since 1978. I started my HT career doing Hortega silver stains in the neuropathology lab at The Ohio State. I moved to Cleveland from Columbus and started working in histotechnology at Cleveland Clinic. While I was at the Clinic, I went into Electron Microscopy and received my EM certification. I went to work at MetroHealth Medical Center for 13 years and now I am back at the Clinic working alongside a great team of HTs/HTLs in the main histology lab. We have had up to 3100+ blocks on any given day. This team moves and grooves histotechnology on a daily basis.

NSH: How did you get into histology?

Linda: I did my histotechnology training at The Ohio State University. I was studying Graphic Arts at OSU and had a work study job next to a celloidin lab. Celloidin you ask? That is what I said. I learned about celloidin technique doing research on chinchilla heads. A chinchilla ear model is the closest to a human’s ear. I found out there was an opening in the Histotechnology program and signed up. I haven’t looked back.

NSH: What is the most rewarding project you’ve worked on?

Linda: I really enjoy being a judge for the Poster Presentations at the Annual NSH Symposium/Convention. This has been challenging but informative and eye opening. I suggest members check out the posters when they are at the Symposiums. Lots of great information to be had. Even give thought to doing a poster presentation. Its very rewarding- especially if your poster is chosen to be #1.

NSH: How did you get involved in NSH?

Linda: After seeing an NSH program I received in the mail back in the ‘90s I decided to go to the meeting. It was being held in Albuquerque and I was excited to go. I went by myself. There were many people I ended up knowing on the flight and at the meeting and I have been hooked ever since. We actually had snow at this meeting and the snow was quite unexpected!

NSH: Tell us a little bit about the new Ethics Review Task Force that you are chairing?

Linda: I have been chairing the Ethics Task Force that was presented at the HOD in September of 2018. This has been quite informative. I am learning a lot about Ethics. We also have a great team of NSH members investigating the need for further ethics discussions. Look for more to follow on this subject.

Hope I have shed a little light about myself and we get a chance to meet at a future meeting or Symposium. See you in New Orleans!

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