New Digital Reference Tool for HQIP Programs

The College of American Pathology and the National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) are pleased to announce a new Digital Reference Tool, which will allow subscribers to the HQIP Program, to view the evaluation for their submitted slides, including comments, annotated digital slide images, and possible solutions, online through an E-Lab Solutions Suite.

This new tool will make it easy for labs to use their H&E HQIP Program submissions for troubleshooting, continuing education, competency assessment, or as an educational tool for laboratory staff.

The Digital Reference Tool (DRT) is available to all current HQIP, HQIP-BX, HQ-BX1, HQ-BX2, HQ-BX3, HQ-BX4, HQ-MMR and HQ-NSC program subscribers. It is specifically geared towards use on H&E stain submissions. It is not available to participants who subscribe only to HQ-IHC. To access the DRT, participants may login to their account using their unique CAP username and password and navigate to the e-Lab Solutions Suite. There, participants will be able to view their individual program evaluation report.

By clicking on any comment link within your lab’s report, the DRT will open to a page that describes that problem, its cause(s) and potential solutions. Clicking on the accompanying images, will open DigitalScope, a digital microscope viewer, which allows the user to view the stained microscopic image of the artifact, in the same way they would a glass slide under a microscope. The image can be easily focused to a higher or lower magnification and has annotation for identifying problems and solutions.

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