NSH Workload Study

The National Society for Histotechnology is currently conducting a Productivity Benchmarking Survey, to gauge the workload of histology laboratories. The survey asks participants to answer questions regarding the volume of work in their lab, as well as the functions the staff perform. Click here to review the survey questions.

As with past NSH Workload Standard surveys, this research will provide metrics in a Journal of Histotechnology article and a final report that will serve as helpful practice resources.

The entire field will benefit from a report and journal article that will be published summarizing the data overall and segmented by lab setting, type of specialty lab, volume, services provided, and other strata.

This survey was developed by NSH's Quality Committee. We asked Quality Committee Chair, Kathy Dwyer, to tell us a little more about the creation of the survey:

NSH: What inspired the creation of this survey?

Kathy: I was inspired by questions coming into the NSH about workload and quality assessments for HTs. In addition, there had not been a survey since 2007.

NSH: What was the process for creating the survey?

Kathy: The QMC team met and decided on what needed to be asked; it was a team effort.

NSH: Why is the survey important?

Kathy: The survey is important because we need an updated productivity benchmark then add a quality assessment to the productivity benchmark.

NSH: What will the results be used for?

Kathy: The results be used only as a benchmark. This is not a mandate from NSH. This is only a benchmark.

NSH: When do you expect the results to be published?

Kathy: Hopefully early 2019

NSH: Are there any areas where you expect change compared to previous studies?

Kathy: At this time we don't know until we look at the new results and compare to the past white papers from NSH on this.

NSH members should have received a survey link via email. We ask that only one member of each workplace complete the survey. If your lab has not received a survey, you can use this link.

Be on the lookout for the results to be published in 2019.

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