Registration Now Open for Mohs Training Session

Register for NSH's Mohs Technician Training, June 7-8 in Springfield, NJ

What is Covered in the Session?

NSH has partnered with Beck Consulting to host a hands-on, two-day, training session, dedicated to teaching the Mohs process and complete procedure of processing tissue. The sessions will cover all of the necessary documentation and technical aspects of a Mohs lab, and assist in preparing participants for an inspection process.

During the workshop, techs will be allowed to review imperfect slides, and discuss the stain and section quality. The techs will learn how to identify thick sections, uneven staining, and poor fixation causing poor cellular structure. Upon completion, the tech will be able to troubleshoot their own slides in their lab and produce high quality Mohs sections.

Registration Fees

How to Register

Click here to download the Mohs Training registration brochure.

Click here to register online.



The National Society for Histotechnology is a professional member organization for individuals actively involved in the histology profession. NSH has over 3,000 members worldwide, and is the leading provider of histology focused continuing education.  



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