Relocation Part 1: Why Relocate?

By: Pam Barker, Relia Solutions

Relocation, it’s exciting, it’s scary, it’s necessary, and it’s an adventure! Everyone feels all of those things when they are considering relocation. This is a 3 part series on relocation, and I hope when we are finished you will see just how smooth you can make a transition like relocation with some research, planning and your eyes WIDE open!

They say experience is the best teacher so that’s where we begin, with real life experience. I did an informal poll of over 3000 of YOUR Histopeeps and asked them these 3 questions about their experiences with relocation:

1. What made you decide to consider relocation?

2. What are the things you would have done differently if you had it to do over again?

3. What are the best and worst things about the move you made?

Part 1: Why Relocate? What made you decide to consider relocation?

There are as many reasons to relocate as there are people relocating right? So here are 3 main categories of reasons people relocate:

Personal/Family Situation:

This without a doubt is the most common reason for relocation. People want or need to get closer to family. You want to be closer to grandparents and grandkids. You have a family member that has medical issues and needs to live someplace more comfortable for them or where they have better access to care. You have a relative or someone close to you that needs your help, or you just went through a divorce and want a fresh start. All of these are some of the most common reasons that people relocate.

That’s the good news – as stressful as it can be you are not alone. For initial planning purposes here are a few things to consider when relocating for personal reasons.

In this situation you probably think the place has been chosen for you. Guess what? You have options!

Ask yourself these questions.

  • How often will you be spending time there? Will you be there daily, weekly or monthly?

  • If it’s not EVERY day then how far are you willing to drive or have them drive to have a visit?

  • Is there a community within a reasonable drive that better suits your needs overall? Use that as a guide to how close you need to move to your family, and it will broaden your options.

Better Opportunity

You have the option to make a brilliant career move that will lead to more challenge, more money and a promotion. Is this you? AWESOME!!! Some of the best moves are because of career opportunity, there is no doubt about it but; We Don’t Live To Work; We Work To Live!

So consider this!

  • Is this a place you want to live?

  • Does the community provide the facilities and programs that your family needs or wants?

  • Is it a good opportunity for your spouse too?

  • Is there a community that is within a commutable distance that might better serve your family’s needs?

Why not? I can go anywhere!

If this is you, great! You are ready for adventure! A fresh start! A new challenge! Even though you are the most flexible of anyone, before you take the leap here are a few things you should consider.

  • Do you have any ties to the area? This is a VERY important consideration. If you are relocating, no matter how flexible you are, employers want to know that you have a reason to be there besides the job. Remember you aren’t the only one taking a risk on your decision…Do some initial research on anyplace you are considering moving to. It used to be enough to do some research on the company you are interviewing at, but these days employers expect you to know about the area and why you want to be there.

  • Do you have friends or family nearby (like close enough for weekend visits?)

  • Is this a place you have lived in or visited before and really liked?

  • Do you have a hobby you are passionate about and this move will give you the opportunity to pursue it more avidly?

Again…We Don’t Live To Work; We Work To Live! Employers know this and they want to relocate and hire a person who wants to be in their community and work at their facility.

Hopefully this article will help you consider some of things you need to consider when choosing a place to relocate to.

In the next article we will address the question, what are the things you would have done differently if you had it to do over again?: An Action Plan for a Successful Move!

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