Relocation Part 3: Action Plan

By: Pam Barker, Relia Solutions

There are so many things to consider when relocating and in my previous 2 articles, Misconceptions about Relocation and Why Relocate, I have covered some of the most prevalent issues facing histotechs today who are considering relocation.

In the final segment in my series on relocation I would like to provide you with an action plan to assist in making your relocation successful.

An Action Plan for a Successful Relocation:

Step 1: Ask yourself these questions:

A. Why am I considering relocation?

B. Where would I like to relocate to and why?

C. Who else is involved with relocating and are their answers to the above questions the same as mine?

Step 2 Let’s take a look at the financial picture:

A. Cost of living Comparison: Take the time to do an in-depth cost of living comparison. A good place to start is online. There are many cost of living calculators out there. I like www.salary.com. A cost of living calculator will give you a basic idea of what things cost where you are vs. where you want to relocate to.

B. Does the position you are considering provide you with pay that will get you the same or better standard of living? (If that is important to you)

C. If your partner works are they able to find competitive employment in the new area as well?

D. Are you prepared to pay for the majority of your relocation expenses? Most clients will offer you on average $2,500.00 in reimbursable expenses. Meaning, you pay the cost upfront and get reimbursed based on your receipts for up to $2,500.00.

3. Due Diligence!


B. Insist on an onsite interview and time to chat with potential coworkers.

C. Research the area for the best school districts and any special needs your family

may have.

Relocation is exciting and scary and the keys to a smooth transition are careful planning and research.

Are you ready for your next adventure?

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