Showing Up With Our Capes On

By: Janet Reeves-Wilson

Here are a few more tips on how we as individuals can show up with our capes on ready to use our super power. I hope you find them useful.

1. Getting enough sleep-Lack of sleep is very detrimental to our overall health. It derails our metabolism, negatively affects our mood and memory. Check out Ariana Huffington’s book “Thrive “to find out more or ask Ms. Google.

2. Eat a healthy Breakfast-Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, make it one with low sugar, (darn no donuts), high fiber, with a good fat for staying power, (lots of good recipes on the internet, especially Pinterest.)

3. Drink enough water. The suggested amount is one half of your body weight in ounces.

4. Move your body, sitting is the new smoking! Take a quick walk at lunch, stretch at your cutting station, or do chair squats, (Google “chair squats” for videos and instructions).

5. Develop a stress reducing practice-Meditation is great for relaxation. The “Simply Being” app, the free version) is great. You can choose the amount of time and background sound, if any. A few more suggestions; coloring books, dancing, singing, laughter yoga, (yes that’s a thing, check it out on Google or YouTube).

6. Make time for play-Play is important for adults too! Playing board games for example is a great way to reconnect with family and friends. Play also increases creativity and brainstorming.

7. Practice gratitude-Be thankful for this present moment; no experience is wasted!

8. Travel-It doesn’t have to be a long trip. A change of scenery is refreshing and gives you a new perspective.

9. Treat others the way THEY want to be treated-Practice noticing and identifying the DISC behaviors of your team, your family and your friends, and adapt your behavior accordingly. It takes practice, (remember trying to cut tissue blocks for the first time)

10. Read inspiring books and quotes. There are websites that deliver these to your inbox if you so choose

Lastly, I want to leave you with this quote:

“THE BEST PLACES TO WORK HAVE IT. The highest performing teams benefit from it. Because of “it” individuals thrive professionally and personally--and teams and organizations flourish in our new economy."

The “it” I’m referring to? The climate in your workplace. The feeling. The mood. “It” is the chemistry of how you, your team, and your organization work together. The way your workplace “feels” has a tremendous influence on people’s experience, morale, and performance. People thrive in a climate where they feel valued, where they know their contributions are meaningful and where their core values and those of the organization are closely aligned.” {1} When this alignment is not present, people just do their jobs, and in today’s economy just doing our jobs is not good enough. It is we as leaders who must take the first step.

{1} Quoted from the Foreword for The Optimistic Workplace by Author Shawn Murphy, written by Dorie Clark

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