STEM Day: Promoting Histology

Thursday, November 8th, is recognized as S.T.E.M Day, a day dedicated to encouraging children to develop their skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Previously known as SMET, and now known by some as STEAM, this educational concept is not new, but has grown in relevance over the last two decades as advances in technology have changed the educational landscape.

As histologists, there are things you can do on STEM Day, and throughout the year, to encourage the students in your community to develop an interest in science.

For example, you can get involved with groups such as the Expanding Your Horizons Network. EHN is an organization dedicated to exposing young girls to math and science professions. Middle-school and high-school girls participate in hands-on activities in math, science and engineering through conferences hosted by women in these fields. Region VII Director, Sabra Powell, shared with us in a blog post earlier this year, some of the highlights of her work with her local chapter of EHN. Sabra was able to put together a day of workshops in which the girls were able to look at whole organ specimens, fetal development specimens, microscopic slides, FFPE blocks and watch the H&E staining process. Click here to learn more about the Expanding Your Horizons Network.

You can also get involved in local career days, like Christina White, the 2017 winner of the Newcomer Helping Hand Award, who has been using the funds from her award to volunteer at career days in her New Jersey community. Listen to Christina's Podcast Interview to hear more about how she has been working to develop a high school histology curriculum.

How will you help

the histology field? Check out these resources to help you spread the word about histotechnology in your community:

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