Virtual Exhibit Hall: What is It and How to Make the Most of It!

What is a Virtual Exhibit Hall, and how can you make the most of attending one? To help answer those questions and better understand what the experience will be like, NSH spoke with two of this year’s exhibitors - Sakura Finetek USA and Poly Scientific R&D Corp. Check out what they have to share so you can take full advantage of #NSH2020!

Is this your first virtual booth and what should attendees look forward to?

Adam Hammer and the team at Sakura Finetek USA shared that this is not their first virtual conference experience, and they have plans to continue to work in the virtual environment throughout the rest of 2020. While they have found it can be hard to duplicate the connection of a face-to-face conference, there is still a lot to look forward to with virtual shows because it has allowed his team to think differently. Sakura and all the NSH exhibitors are working diligently to provide a valuable booth experience that is not merely a re-purposed website.

To quote Adam, “Organizations and presenters are putting more focus on virtual meetings, which is leading to better experiences for the attendees. Recently, I’ve seen some really engaging, highly creative educational presentations that have kept me glued to my screen! Due to the competing distractions of work, family, Amazon, limited time, etc. presenters have had to shift styles and utilize technology to create genuinely engaging material instead of just putting information out there. I look forward to seeing the same imagination at this year’s NSH S/C!”

Kari Lee from Poly Scientific R&D Corp shared a similar perspective, even though this will be their first virtual conference (insert excited NSH yay here)! Her team feels that the attendees will still get to “connect” through the chat. She sees the opportunity for the virtual platform to better highlight several product lines, and engage via chat and email.

What are your tips for talking and asking questions in the chat box so that attendees can effectively connect with your company?

Even though this will be their first virtual show, Kari Lee strongly suggests that attendees share both their name and the facility where they work. This great advice is a tip NSH also suggests and, in doing so, you definitely help the folks on the other side of the chat meet your specific needs. She also shares that you should ask away! Be as specific as possible (they even made this fun hashtag so you remember -#BeSpecificUsePolyScientific)!

Adam recognizes that not everyone is wild about chat boxes, but he says to “just do it!” Chat boxes are still an effective way to get a discussion started on laboratory goals/needs, learning about a company, or even connecting to a colleague. Everyone has had to shift how they communicate at work to some degree, and ‘chat’ is another channel that’s being used in more places. Plus, the Sakura Finetek staff love talking Histology and look forward to seeing their customers each year at the NSH S/C, even if it's virtually!

Final thoughts?

When asked for thoughts or insights about the histology community during this crisis both Kari Lee and Adam had something similar to share. From Adam’s perspective the Histology community has always had a good sense of camaraderie, which has remained evident through the pandemic. Despite the challenges, he has seen continuous sharing of ideas, collaboration on techniques, workflow discussions, and, most notably, the support of one another. Adam and Sakura Finetek USA are very proud to be part of this community and send well wishes to all the Histopathology professionals out there!

Kari Lee shared a similar point of view and told us that one of the most impressive things about the histology community is that despite having to quickly implement additional safety measures in an already fast paced and high-volume environment, this community really pulled together. Labs were impacted in many different ways, but beyond science and protocol they shared the human element of connection.

Exhibits at #NSH2020

Check out the list of exhibiting companies and support those companies that have chosen to support you. In addition to sharing their products and services our vendors will be offering education and interactive games for prizes.

Have you attended a virtual trade show this year? Share what you have learned in the comments below. We can't wait to "see you" at #NSH2020 in October.

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