Vote on Your Favorite Christmas Stain Collection

Christmas is just 4 days away, and as any histotech knows, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is staining slides for all to see!

Our histology community has been sharing their Christmas spirit this week on NSH’s Histology Professionals Facebook page and they definitely know how to get creative! There’s been Christmas tree slides, elves in the water bath, paraffin snowmen, ugly Christmas lab coats and trees decorated with histology cassettes.

This year the Philippine Society for Histotechnology is holding a Christmas Histology Slide Design Contest. Participants have submitted their best collections of holiday slides to be voted on by their histology peers.

Voting closes December 23rd, so make sure to check out their contest entries today and continue to post your own histology holiday photos on NSH’s Facebook page.

Happy histo-holidays!!

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