NSH 2019 Symposium/Convention and Online Alternatives

Today is the first day of NSH’s 2019 Symposium/Convention, taking place this week in New Orleans. The program contains 5 days of workshops, networking events, and opportunities for collaboration with your histology peers.

We have actually sold out this event, so if you haven’t already registered, you won’t be able to join us, but if you have registered, we’re looking forward to seeing you! Make sure you’ve downloaded the mobile app, this will contain workshop handouts, room assignments, and the most up to date information about the convention. Add our Facebook frame to your Facebook profile picture to show your friends how much fun you’re having with us this week!

If you aren’t attending the event this year, there are still plenty of opportunities online, to catch some of the same content.

Couldn’t make it to the HT Prep Course Friday morning of the Convention? Check out the new online HT Prep Course available on learn.nsh.org. The course contains 7 modules, covering exam review topics including fixation, processing, microtomy, staining and lab ops. This course is great for people who have trained on the job and are going back to earn their certification.

Interested in the image analysis track at the Convention but weren’t able to join us? Try NSH’s Digital Pathology Certificate Program, a 22 credit online course designed to increase competency in digital pathology. The course covers whole slide imaging, selection and implementation of a system, workflow, and other considerations when beginning to use a digital pathology system in your lab.

Is the IHC/Molecular track more your thing? Check out the QIHC Prep Course. The course is designed to prepare registrants for the IHC qualification exam, so it covers all kinds of IHC material from optimization and validation to immunostaining.

Then make sure you join us next year in Reno, NV for the 2020 Convention.

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