Where in the World is Dave Davis?

Anyone who knows Dave Davis, long time NSH member, and traveling histology educator, knows that he is always on the move. Last year, Dave kept the histology community up to date on his whereabouts through a series of articles in the e-newsletter, NSH In Action.

In February 2017, Dave was invited to help teach and train at the Justinian University Hospital in Haiti where he organized classes on fixation, tissue processing, embedding, and IHC staining. Just a few months later, Dave was traveling to Costa Rica, to help host the 3rd Central American International Histology Congress.

We have now received word that Dave is once again on a mission… can you guess where? Take a look at the clues below.

Dave will be spending his three months in this city, working and teaching at a local hospital, but in his downtime, Dave visited the fossil remains of early hominid, “Lucy”, which is housed at the city’s National Museum. He has also enjoyed visiting the city’s market, which is considered the continent’s largest open- air market.

Know where Dave might be? Leave a comment with your guess, and be on the lookout for Dave's upcoming article, explaining all about his latest histology adventure.

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